Email signature banner design best practices

Many customers ask us for tips on how to create a great performing banner.  We have visibility into the performance metrics across many customers.  Below are some tips as well as actual banners that have performed well.  Enjoy!

1. The “Play” button

The email signature channel is an obvious opportunity to distribute your latest video content.  We found some really interesting data to show that video content that was distributed with a banner that contains a Play button like the example below performed an average of 62% better than banners without the Play button.

2. Always include a CTA.  Make it stand out.

Oftentimes, banners can be a super aesthetically pleasing way to add a robustness to your email signature branding.  While the appearance goes a long way in your brand perception, we want your banners to do more for you than just look nice.  It’s imperative to add a clear Call-to-Action in order to make a recipient aware that the banner links to something that may be of interest.  

This ad generated close to a 5% CTR.


Lovely design. Opportunity may be missed in driving engagement.

3. Dimensions should align with your email signature design, and should be optimized for different viewing devices.

We’ve found through trial and error that an optimized banner size is 400px by 80px.  These dimensions not only look great in the context of your email signature, but scale incredibly well across all devices.

Looks clear and legible. A slight re-sizing makes all the difference.


Aesthetically, looks fine. But notice that the text seems to blur at the bottom.

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