14-day free trial. Contact us for custom and volume pricing.
Per Month
Departmental Signatures
Custom fields
Compliance Reporting
Global campaigns
Includes 100 users
Per Month
Everything in BRAND
Image Ads
Text Ads
Link to URL/Doc/Video
Deliveries/views/clicks reports
Doc/Video Analytics
Most Popular
Per Month
Everything in MARKET
Recipient Targeting/ABM
Twitter/Yelp integration
Reply Templates
White labeled URLs
Per Month
Everything in TARGET
Field Compliance
Website Tracking
Frictionless Landing Pages
Salesforce Signatures
Encrypted White Label URL
Per User/Month
Multi-Recipient tracking
Mobile Support
Link Tracking
Enhanced Deliverability
Enhanced Activity Feed
Mobile/Desktop/Email Notifications
Per User/Month
Everything in BRONZE
Attachment Tracking
Page-by-Page Analytics
Attachment Replay
YouTube/Vimeo Tracking
Outreach/SalesLoft/etc integration
Most Popular
Per User/Month
Everything in SILVER
Salesforce Email Tracking
Salesforce Widgets
Website Tracking
Website Replay

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What about more than 100 users?

Every tier includes up to 100 users.  You may purchase multiple packs.  If you need to mix an match tiers, that is also possible.  Volume pricing available.

What if I'd like to add more users later?

That’s great and not a problem! We can true up at the end of the month when the overage occurs and provide pro-rated billing.  You can always keep track of active users with our compliance report tool.

Do I need a license for each device?

No! A license is considered to be associated with an email address.  It can be used on multiple devices such as an iPhone, Android, Outlook and Web Client.  Please note that these licenses do not cover 3rd party systems such as Salesforce which has it’s own pricing.

Is annual pre-payment required?

Yes. We’ve found customers who commit to a year of service have the best results.  However, keep in mind that you get a 14-day free trial.  We can bill via credit card or invoice.