SenderGen listed on the Salesforce AppExchange. #1 Email Signature tool.

On the Salesforce AppExchange and it feels so good

Today is a big day for us!  (Well it was actually last week, but we finally got around to writing about it).  After many months of going through business reviews and securities reviews, we’re proud to announce our Salesforce AppExchange listing.  We are now a Salesforce ISV Partner.

I want to take a moment to thank our team as well as our customers who used our private Salesforce package and provided us incredible feedback.  We were told that the approval process for our app was one of the fastest done.  This is directly due to our comprehensive security and compliance program.

Challenge to the competition

Our suite of branding and campaigns tools, in addition to our sales tracking tools, is the most advanced solution in the market. Everyone says that, but we guarantee it. We will buy out competitor contracts because once you use SenderGen, you won’t go back.  If you are the CEO of any competing company, I invite you to a product bake-off that is judged by an independent panel of marketing professionals.  If we lose, I’ll take you to dinner anywhere in San Francisco.

Competitor list

We are a hardcore engineering focused company.   While our marketing and sales probably lags behind our competition, the internet helps to level the playing field and surface the best solutions to problem.  In that spirit, we are happy to share a list of competitors.  Feel free to browse through the list and checkout the feature comparison checklists like here and here.  Does the other email signature vendor offer this level of transparency?

May the best signature win!

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